Quick Fire Cases® is a division of MEI Research Corp which focuses on the design and manufacturing of custom gun cases. With 20 years of design and custom foam manufacturing experience, we decided to create a product line that focuses on the development of weapon specific gun cases. In doing this, Quick Fire Cases® was born with the creation of our QF300 pistol case product line. From here our product line has grown to also encompass multi-pistol gun cases, such as our QF540R, as well as the first ever "QF920R Range Case" which allows you to house and take everything you need to the range in one single case. We continue to create various gun cases like the all New Quick Fire MultiFit line of pistol, revolver, AR15, shotgun & rifle cases.

With a firm focus on distributing and partnering with Gun Retailers, Sporting Good Retailers, Training Centers & Shooting Ranges across the Nation, we have been able to create a case for the weapon market like no other. You no longer need to settle for some inexpensive and generic pistol case to protect and carry your guns. With Quick Fire you can now purchase a quality case that is not only designed specifically for your guns but is also "Made in the USA" and comes with a lifetime warranty.