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Mag-Lite Flashlights

Light Your Way with a High Performance Mag-Lite Flashlight.

In 1979, the pioneering Mag-Lite flashlight was founded and crafted for professional individuals in industries like law enforcement and fire and rescue that needed extremely heavy duty and reliable flashlights. As they grew over the years, consumers began to recognize that Mag-Lite was the perfect addition to keep in any household or vehicle glove box in addition to use among hobby and outdoor sporting enthusiasts. Their history, as a reliable product for law enforcement and fire fighters, have only helped to enforce their reputation as a dependable and trusted product. Today, Mag-Lite flashlights have grown to produce a vast assortment of large, medium, small and mini flashlights and can be found in the hands of the military, the medical industry, and even on a key chain or pocket of a purse.

Trust in the Heavy Duty Mag-Lite

Just as any true innovator, Mag-Lite has become an industry leader for dependable and heavy duty high performance flashlights. Available with the incredible power of LED technology, the newest Mag-Lite LED carries the same level of ruggedness and craftsmanship that you’ve come to love and trust from the original Mag-Lite flashlight. Furthermore, these incredible flashlights can be easily customized to fit your unique needs with the use of Mag-Lite accessories. Mag-Lite flashlights offer a huge assortment of both standard and mini Mag-Lite sizes, allowing them to be one of the most interoperable flashlights currently available on the market.

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