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Quick Fire Cases®

Custom & MultiFit Designed Handgun & Rifle Cases

Thanks to Quick Fire Cases®, you now have the ability to protect your firearms and accessories like never before. What sets Quick Fire Cases® apart from other gun cases is our design & engineering of the foam interiors that are fit to the exact firearm. Custom inserts and our new line of semi-custom Quick Fire MultiFit® interiors enable our customers to place multiple firearms in the same cavity, so it doesn’t matter which style of Pistol, Revolver or Rifle you own.

Our innovative designs use military-grade Ethafoam® material, which is a closed-cell Polyethylene foam that is incredibly heavy-duty and flexible. This foam is impervious to water, oils and most chemicals, and its resiliency is unparalleled. Our products are built to last and provide you, our customers, with the full satisfaction that no matter where you travel, your firearms will arrive safe and secure.

Quick Fire Cases: The Ultimate in Firearm Protection